VIP-2E Control – Quadraplex PVC Valve Nest Softener – Epoxy Lined Steel Tank – Alternating or Parallel

Epoxy Lined Steel Tank - Alternating or Parallel


  • Quadraplex alternating or parallel operation. No hard water bypass during regeneration.
  • VIP-2E electronic metered or time clock feature & UL listed.
  • Solid state multiple metered demand initiated regeneration including rate of flow, re-settable totalizing meter & self-diagnostic status monitoring. NEMA enclosed controller.
  • VIP-2E - Systems offer individual tank flow meters.
  • Schedule 80 PVC valve nest header design, utilizing composite diaphragm valves for corrosion resistance.
  • Timed brine refill (eliminates constant line pressure on shut off float devices).
  • Standard safety-float valve shutoff on 400/700lb brine tanks. Optional on 1000lb and larger sizes.
  • Spray lined carbon steel tanks with epoxy coated int/ext for corrosion resistance.
  • 120V/60Hz/1pH transformer included/ twist lock style electrical connections/ 24V control voltage.
  • Optional: Brine reclaim.

Valve Type Model Number Part Number Capacity (grains) Per Tanks Mineral Tank Sizes (inches) Brine Tank Capacity Lbs. Brine Tank Size Ship Wt. Lbs.
2″ Plastic Valve Nest S-152C-PVN-VIP2-Q 11001040 150,000 18″x66″ 700 24″x41″ 2,455
2″ S-302C-PVN-VIP2-Q 11001045 300,000 24″x66″ 1,000 24″x50″ 4,135
2″ S-452C-PVN-VIP2-Q 11001046 450,000 30″x66″ 1,500 30″x50″ 6,095
2″ S-602C-PVN-VIP2-Q 11001047 600,000 36″x70″ 2,500 39″x48″ 7,699
3″ S-902E-PVN-VIP2-Q 11001048 900,000 42″x70″ 2,500 39″x48″ 11,135
3″ S-1202E-PVN-VIP2-Q 11001049 1,200,000 48″x70″ 4,500 52″x60″ 14,040

Note: 2″ flow meters supplied with above products are plastic. 3″ are insertion type paddle wheel flow meters utilizing PVC saddle. Other materials are available on special order.