Time Clock Micro T Control – Duplex Parallel Plastic Valve Nest Softener

Fiberglass Tank - Duplex TC


  • Automatic electronic time clock initiated regeneration with Micro T controller.
  • No Hard water bypass during regeneration
  • Schedule 80 PVC valve nest header design, utilizing composite diaphragm valves for corrosion resistance.
  • Timed brine refill (eliminates constant line pressure on shut off float devices).
  • Standard safety-float valve shutoff on 400/700lb brine tanks. Optional on 1000lb and larger sizes.
  • High strength polyethylene tank liners for longer service life, FRP wrapped for strength and corrosion resistance. ANSI/NSF listed tanks.
  • 120V/60Hz/1pH transformer included/ twist lock style electrical connections/24V control voltage.

Pipe Size Valve Type Model Number Part Number Capacity (grains) Mineral Tank Size (inches) Brine Tank Capacity (LBS) Brine Tank Size Ship. Wt. Lbs.
2″ Plastic Valve Nest S-151C-PVN-TC-D 11001516 150,000 18″x65″ 700 24″x41″ 1,140
S-301C-PVN-TC-D 11001517 300,000 24″x72″ 1000 24″x50″ 1,840
S-451C-PVN-TC-D 11001518 450,000 30″x72″ 1500 30″x50″ 2,980
S-601C-PVN-TC-D 11001519 600,000 36″x72″ 2500 39″x48″ 3,880
3″ S-901E-PVN-TC-D 11001520 900,000 42″x72″ 2500 39″x48″ 5,670
S-1201E-PVN-TC-D 11001521 1,200,000 48″x72″ 4500 52″x60″ 7,340