Portable Exchange Deionizer Regeneration Plants

Lined Steel Tanks - PVN Series Programmable Operation


  • Separation vessel with Sch. 80 PVC piping – designed for 100% expansion of anion resin.
  • Clear piping for resin transfer.
  • Regeneration skid with cation and anion regeneration vessels.
  • Direct PLC - Koyo DL -240 with OP620 interface (2-line x 20-character LCD).
  • Semi-automatic operation – Automatic regeneration after initiation.
  • Monitor for water quality.
  • Temperature gauge with shut down switch standard - system.
  • Automatically shuts down if excessive temperature is detected.
  • Separate regeneration water source for cation and anion.
  • Automatic shut down in the event of power failure.
  • Air mix vessel with Sch. 80 PVC piping.
  • Compact, non-corrosive components.
  • Vinyl ester lined steel tanks with epoxy exterior for corrosion resistance.
  • Convienient, modular construction.
  • Full 3" x 12" viewing windows in all vessels.
  • Simultaneous regeneration of cation and anion resin.
  • Brine regeneration standard (up-flow or down-flow).
  • Programmable automatic rinse to quality.
  • 120 VAC power required.


Model Part Number Inlet Pipe Size Separation Vessel Size Cation Regen Vessel Size Anion Regen Vessel Size Mixing Vessel Size Resin Quantity (cu. ft.)
Cation Anion
20 ft3 PEDI Plant 14000005 1.5″ 30″x108″ 20″x60″ 24″x60″ 36″x60″ 8.0 12.0
40 ft3 PEDI Plant 14000006 2″ 42″x108″ 30″x60″ 36″x60″ 42″x72″ 16.0 24.0
60 ft3 PEDI Plant 14000008 2″ 54″x96″ 42″x60″ 48″x60″ 48″x72″ 24.0 36.0

Contact factory for special requirements. Tanks height is straight side shell height, not overall height.